Garden at Midnight - Sadia Anwar
Garden at Midnight - Sadia Anwar

Garden at Midnight Wall Art

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The rose garden at midnight is one of our most magical pieces. 

This particular piece is a glimpse into our vivid fantasy of a beautiful moonlit garden at midnight where the moon beams cast a stunning silvery light, exposing the delicate spider webs and bathing everything in a luminous light.

The red roses, the web, the spider and it's prey are the main subjects here, dancing in the shadows. Created on cotton, with silk threads, the embroidery truly captures the essence of the design in all its intricacy. It has an aura of mystery, a dash of darkness, and a lot of magnificence. 

A truly thought provoking piece. 

Size (inches) Diameter 6 inches (15 centimeters)


100% Cotton - Lining: Velvet felt
Threads 100% silk embroidery floss
Maker Saima 
Care Instructions Clean with a cloth