Our Story

Sadia Anwar was born out of a love affair with craft and a passion to empower marginalised women.

We believe that the craft of making everyday objects has been undervalued and too often that has meant the work of talented women has been undervalued too. By working with a collective of female artisans, we’re able to create beautiful and authentic homewares while also providing much needed, quality jobs. 

In 2010, when our founder Sadia Anwar graduated from fashion school, she expected to find herself in the ateliers of Paris. Instead, she found herself working with a group of home-based makers in rural Pakistan. Spending time with these women and observing the skills they had nurtured was a transformative experience that has led to an ongoing desire to preserve this work and raise its profile. 

By matchmaking a contemporary eye for design with traditional craft, The Butterfly Project elevates the work of these women and gives it a platform in the modern world. What’s more, it’s enabled these craftswomen to earn a living wage, grow their confidence and preserve these handcrafts for future generations. 

We hope that you’ll find artfully made products with a great story that you’ll cherish for a long time.