Scents and Colours to surround yourself with

Different colours provoke different moods. A bedroom for instance should make one feel calm. Whereas a dining room should have a more lively and sociable vibe to it. So whether a minor change needs to be made to a space or a complete revamp of the interior design, choosing the right colour scheme is very important.

So, to get the colour theory right here is a breakdown of how colours affect our mood:

  • Owing to the global pandemic, people are looking for cheerful colours. Colours that are uplifting and reminds them of sunshine-filled days. Ultimate grey is a colour that conveys the message of hope and strength. Both these feelings are extremely enduring and uplifting. Ultimate grey is also compared to natural elements, like stones on the beach. This brings out the feeling of resilience against the heavy winds.
  • Blue is also a very soothing colour that makes one feel relaxed and composed. It is widely known to reduce blood pressure, relieving stress, and helps in steady breathing. While blue colour wall paint and décor makes people feel warm and serene, pastel blues tend to make them feel cold.
  • White is a colour that usually makes the interior feel more spacious. It gives a very clean vibe even to those who are messy. Using white as a colour of a room gives you the leeway to use other contrasting colours because white in itself is not a very energetic colour.
  • Then there is an illuminating yellow that is trending. It brightens the space and uplifts the mood of the person who enters a room with an endearing yellow interior. The fact that it can catch sunlight lightens up a room and enhances it leaving the occupant cheery and delighted.

With the increasing challenge of keeping work separate from the home, scented candles have become a way to switch off for a while. Thus, lighting a candle and laying down on the couch has become a means of self-care. Following are the preferred scents in the UK:

  • Tints and shades of purple are very dramatic and have a very rich, luxurious feeling to them. They are thus not the preferred choice for interiors. Purples are however very calming for the mind which is why lighter shades such as, lavender and lilac are better options for scented candles.
  • There is a citron blossom cassis that has a very muscular fragrance. It has a floral, dewy, and sensual smell which works well for intimate candle lit dinners by the fire. These are usually lit in warm, cosy evenings that help people unwind.
  • The huckleberry sugar blossom smells like a fresh huckleberry pie from the oven. The scent is a mixture of caramel, floral, citrus, and brown sugar which goes well at home. It is a feminine smell and a great one to self-reflect on and feel good about oneself.
  • Water lily and hyacinth is another very incredible scent. It is fruity with a slight whisper of vanilla. It goes well with a bubble bath or a long shower.

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