The Origin of Hand Embroidery and It's Revival in Homeware

An embroidery is a form of art that uses a needle to apply yarn or thread on fabric or other material for decorative purposes. Other materials that can be used for embroidery include beads, pearls, sequins, and quills. In these modern days, embroidery is seen on hats, blankets, coats, dresses, denim, and stockings.

Hand embroidery can be traced back thousands of years. The ancient people used hand embroidery to decorate the royal robes, tapestries, and ladies samplers. It is still used as a form of art globally to create beautiful hand-embroidered cushions, decorations items, purses, flosses, books, patterns, etc. Using your own two hands to decorate something is satisfying. It gives a sense of productivity to people.

Hand embroidery requires a lot of time and patience. If you want to craft something lovingly with your own two hands, hand embroidery is the perfect option. These intricate and customized design and creations are sold at considerably lower prices and are used to decorate houses, offices, and shops.

The Basics of Hand Embroidery

Five core stitches form the basis for hand embroidery. These stitches are satin stitch, outline stitch, French knot, lazy daisy, and cross-stitch. The satin stitch fills in the gap of open areas and gives the impression of a satin. The outline stitch is used to outline a design. The French knot forms small dots that give the notion of an eye, flower center, pebbles, etc. The lazy daisy stitches make tiny flower petals, whereas the basic cross stitch is used to form designs.

The Revival of Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery has recently witnessed an essential revival in the domain of fashion. It was essentially considered a female craft that only women used to learn. But since the rebirth, men have started taking an interest in it too. Contemporary artists use thread and yarn to create designs, patterns, and pieces that can be used as décor and for interior designing.

Embroidery changed in many significant ways, particularly hand embroidery. It is revitalized by new artists who have taken a diverse approach to the art such as abstract compositions, embroidered garments, 2D sculptures, geometric animal portraits, needlework using a variety of different materials, handcrafted notebooks, detailed handmade interiors, Van Gogh painting, and a lot more.

Artists are using material and innovative designs to lift embroidery to the next level which is quite evident as you scroll through a website such as Pinterest and Etsy. You will see handmade human portraits drawn using thread, delicately embroidered quilts, and tips for using simple stitches like French Knot in new and innovative ways.

There is an increasing trend of personalization in home décor and clothing. There are handmade pillows, shopping bags, handbags, towels with embroidered names, flower embroidered aprons, embroidered cushions, and more.       

In the UK, fashion brands are now using high quality and luxurious hand embroidery for personalizing and individualizing their collections. Some of the famous handmade products in the UK are embroidered jeans jackets, elegant hand-embroidered winter coats, hand-embroidered crochet steering wheel covers, handknit oversized chunky, etc.  

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